An Online-
E-platform solution specifically for Waldorf Schools

We are proud to be able to present the first european E-Learning-Platform specifically made for Waldorf Schools.
If you or your school is interested in this project then you can feel free to contact us at anytime to get a little more information about the project.

What we are Offering?

One of the key features that we offer here at Waldorf Online is the file sharing option. This feature allowes Teachers to share any important files with their students. Almost all file formats are supported on our platform! A easy to use interface even makes this possible for users that might not be the most experienced internet or computer users.

How to get started

Scheduling a new class meeting has never been easier. With just a few clicks every teacher can create an event in the calendar of the selected students or classes to easily comunicate deadlines or meeting times and dates. The added events are automatically synced to the calendars of the students and can even be linked to your phone.

How to get started

Waldorf Online newly introduced the chat function to the platform to make sure that comunication stays secure and through one simple website in order to avoid confusion. Teachers can not only comunicate with their students but also other teachers through the platform making emails redundant.

How to get started

Security and Privacy is exremely important to the team here at Waldorf Online. That is why we chose to not share any personal information with any third parties in any way shape or form, unless that is explicitly approved by a school and its students. The data never leaves europe, our servers are located in Denmark. This website uses SSL/TLS encryption for reasons of security and to protect the transmission of confidential content, such as the requests you send to us as the site operator.

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Why Waldorf Online?

This is of course a very legitimate question.
That is why we will now explain why we are the best choice for your school.


We here at Waldorf Online are dedicated to provide the best possible experience for everyone. So if you are experiencing any trouble with our platform you can reach our support team at almost any time.


Here at Waldorf Online we believe that the only way to go is to keep your data safe. That is why we do not share any data with any third parties. We even enabled the possibility of two-factor-authentification for maximum security.


Everyone who is currently on our developer team or our support team has visited a Waldorf School, so we understand the principles and we will be able to act accordingly.

Our Vision

We are not even close to acheiving our goal. We have big plans for the future, including a world wide intraNet for all Waldorf Schools and we would love nothing more than for you to be a part of it.



School Closures

Since all the schools are currently closed we have hired more staff in order to be able to respond to requests faster. We can get your school started right away!

How to get started

Do you want to know about the next steps?

If you and your school are interested in this project, then please feel free to contact us to get some more infos on what the next steps are.

Next Steps